Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense 1.0 IOS

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Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense

Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense

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Wind eliminate monster Tower Defense Strategy mobile games. Delicate gorgeous game screen, just in an other kind of Monster game. Leisure elimination type gameplay with cartoon images to make fun of Monster game is very novel. Many kind of Games boss. The game has a wealth of skills and props, Which make the game diversify and interesting. Fingertips with the game of skill will be able to destroy the monster attack, rich combination of combat to pass the game level.
Game Play:
– Exchange up and down the adjacent totem on the touch screen, to achieve both horizontal and vertical three of the same color to eliminate totem. By eliminating the use totem totem mana to repel the enemy.
– Depending on the number totem eliminated have a different effect oh. Up to 5 can produce a saint. Keystone same color totem.
– Faster game magic value accumulated by the batter. When the magic value swell a grid able to use magic skills based on a different type of skill to create the appropriate monster buffs.
– While the game there are different props available.
The game has up to 25 levels, players can go to enjoy the challenge.


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Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense 1.0 IOS -Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense 1.0 IOS -Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense 1.0 IOS -Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense 1.0 IOS -Zombie Defeat vs Mine Gem Defense 1.0 IOS -

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