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Zebra Wallpaper

Zebra Wallpaper

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How to make your mobile wallpaper exclusive? Come to download Zebra WallpaperS. It may be the best wallpaper app all around the world! We are devoted to provide the best image quality and more fancy and practical additional wallpaper functions. Support iPhone7/7+,iPhone6S/6S+,iPhone6/6+,iPhone5S/5C/5, iPhone4S/4, iPod.
For the pursuit of real high-quality, we respectively provide two sizes for each mobile screen to match two wallpaper patterns of still and perspective. The wallpaper size of perspective is far bigger than mobile’s screen size. Let’s take iPhone7 Plus for instance. The wallpaper size of perspective is 1256×2353, while that of still is 1080×1920.
-More than 80,000 selected wallpapers automatically adapt to your phone. We update every day.
-Each wallpaper is processed manually. We won’t and refuse to stretch those non-HD pictures to cheat users.
-You can choose a habitual Browsing Mode.
-Use size classification + search to find what you want
-Shake your phone for a random image. Try your luck
-Preview lock/home screen effect to find the one most suitable for you
-Write your motto on the wallpaper, making your exclusive wallpaper
-Add a colorful calendar to the monotonous lock screen, with different colors to show your mood for the day. You can also use it as a memo.
-Use various filter effects as well as the magic pen to beautify your wallpaper.
-You can process wallpaper into any size for making an avatar or other uses.


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Zebra Wallpaper 4.4 IOS -Zebra Wallpaper 4.4 IOS -Zebra Wallpaper 4.4 IOS -

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