Xiangqi – Chinese Chess game 2.3.9 IOS

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Xiangqi – Chinese Chess game

Xiangqi - Chinese Chess game

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Chinese Chess is a strategy board game for two players.It is one of the most popular board games in China, and is in the same family as Western (or international) chess, chaturanga, shogi, Indian chess and janggi. Besides China and areas with significant ethnic Chinese communities, xiangqi is also a popular pastime in Vietnam.

HangXun Chinese chess ( xiangqi ) absolutely is one of best one worldwide, and it has beautiful graphics and rich of useful features. Especially it contains many many endgames and game replays. In every day we will recommend one most interesting endgame and one best game replay for you.

1. Super AI ability(from easy to master).
2. Daily recommendation of endgame and game replay for you.
3. Interesting endgame challenge from easy to master.
4. Many game replays from master’s contest, easy to study from master.
5. multi-playing-modes are designed,AI Mode, Endgame Mode, Study Mode.
6. Beautiful graphics and animations, wonderful finger battle
7. Sound background music.
8. Massive functions: hint, undo, save, record, etc.

Welcome to our Chinese chess world, enjoy the crazy of Chinese chess. You can get much of leisure time and valuable chess learning, we believe hangxun Chinese Chess will be your favorite game!


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Xiangqi - Chinese Chess game 2.3.9 IOS -Xiangqi - Chinese Chess game 2.3.9 IOS -Xiangqi - Chinese Chess game 2.3.9 IOS -Xiangqi - Chinese Chess game 2.3.9 IOS -Xiangqi - Chinese Chess game 2.3.9 IOS -

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