Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS

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Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手)

Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手)

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“Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手)” is a casual and puzzle type mobile game. In the middle of the night of horror, there is a lovely little witch. After the weird magic ball is out of control, floating in the air is everywhere, come help the little witch to clean up these magic balls. Witch’s magic wand has magical power, which can make the magic ball go in any direction, but be careful, the consequences of misplaced place are very serious, the roof will collapse. You never know how many magic balls a witch has. The mischievous magic ball seems to have been awakened by magic. He has been playing hide and seek with the witch, and has once again got rid of the witch’s control. Come and help a bunch of this poor witch.

[Gameplay] Finger movement can control the direction in which the new magic ball flies. By hitting the same magic ball and connecting it to more than 3, you can eliminate these adjacent magic balls until all the magic balls are cleaned up.

[Game Experience] The naughty magic ball descends from the sky. There are pumpkin elves, one-eyed monsters, gimmicks, sugar candy, singular cats, spiderman, hurricane, and flame man. Use the same magic ball to attack them and destroy them. The witch needs your help. You need to remove the magic ball below as soon as possible, otherwise you will not see the end. They will also rotate in the air, and the clusters of magic balls will rotate around a center after being hit, reducing mistakes to eliminate the magic ball more quickly, or you will be turned to lose more opportunities.

[Infinite creativity, rich gameplay]
Well-designed levels (continuously updated), each level gives you the ultimate elimination experience. It’s fun, it’s fun!

[Getting simple, fun and casual]
Leisure eliminates the gameplay, moves your fingertips, and becomes a fan of elimination music. There are no fewer children under the age of 10 and middle-aged and older people; and more than half of female friends are a super popular game.

[Play anywhere, anytime]
You can also play without connecting to the network: eliminate boring, eliminate troubles, eliminate distance, just hit the magic ball! Turn on your phone, tap the icon, and start your journey!


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Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -Witch Bubble Shooter (魔女泡泡射手) 1.4.5 IOS -

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