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Wall Driving

Wall Driving

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wall driving is the unique car game among all car simulator games. It is totally different from other traditional car driving games because in this car simulation game you don’t have to race with other smart cars nor you have to drive towards parking plaza. Instead, you have to drive the car on the puzzle tracks to reach your destination.

You might have played many car games for kids but muscle car game is entirely different from other ordinary car academy games for boys because you have to drive your American car on the defined narrow path. If you deviate from the puzzle path then you would definitely get lost in mysterious paths and would not reach your parking position. Puzzles games have always been fun for adult players but it was a boring task car games 3D lovers.

This puzzle car racing adventure is developed for gamers who love to find their path in extreme emergency situations. This car simulator game is perfect for mastering the pathfinding skills while racing the car. You have to drive fast for crossing the puzzle path unlike other new car games otherwise you would be stuck in the labyrinth and will not able to escape the maze easily. Maze driving is really a challenging task due to extremely confused car driving on impossible tracks of the labyrinth.

*** Features of wall driving ***
* variety of classic cars
* each maze is unique and different
* path hint for completing the car driving mission
* coins base game economy
* smooth and complicated path finding tasks

Click on install button for playing puzzle car driving on your devices and enjoy unlimited curiosity of being wandering in the complicated mazes on your American cars.


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Wall Driving 1.0 IOS -Wall Driving 1.0 IOS -Wall Driving 1.0 IOS -Wall Driving 1.0 IOS -Wall Driving 1.0 IOS -

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