US Police Tactical Robot Squad 1.0.1 IOS

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US Police Tactical Robot Squad

US Police Tactical Robot Squad

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US Police Tactical Robot Squad – Future Robot Shooting Game, best robot action game you will ever play, to stop crime in your city battle bots are here to fight future crime battles in the futuristic world. Futuristic Battle is between enemy robots and mini robots who are very famous Bad Bots. Robot Fighting Games are most famous games all over the world where war of robots plays a vital role in robot fighting games as US Police Tactical Robot Squad. Robot Shooting Game is a fight & battle between robot ninja who will catch mini bots and capture them in their jail. It’s your responsibility to get that captured mini robots out from enemy iron robot ninja area. Fight for your brothers, eliminate the enemy at robot battle in robot fighting games. US Police Tactical Robot Squad gets high alert in rescue mission to rescue city.

Win futuristic robot battle by defeating criminal warriors robots by playing police robot games. Download now this best robot action game known as the US Police Tactical Robot Squad – Robot Shooting Game to enjoy the duties of robot squad fighting. Free Robot Action Game for users to take part in the fight in future wars with mech warriors. One of your robot is captured by the mafia robot you must find them, fight for the freedom of robot friend against battle bots. Be a US police robot fighter clear the dangerous areas by destroying battle bots are spreading fear in cities while destroying city buildings.


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US Police Tactical Robot Squad 1.0.1 IOS -US Police Tactical Robot Squad 1.0.1 IOS -US Police Tactical Robot Squad 1.0.1 IOS -US Police Tactical Robot Squad 1.0.1 IOS -

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