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US Army Car Driver Training

US Army Car Driver Training

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Enjoy the best army car simulator blended with russian car driving in one of the best car driving training games and prove yourself the best army car driver! You enjoy the military car driver along with furious car racing in this game where you act as US army car driver and your duty is to save the life of injured people by reaching the accident place on time, in the most amazing of all police car racing games. So just fasten your seat belt and operate the latest army car driving to complete car driving simulator missions. Witness the incredible features of police chase in our remarkable car training games. Just play the all in one package now and forget about the all other army car games!


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US Army Car Driver Training 1.0 IOS -US Army Car Driver Training 1.0 IOS -US Army Car Driver Training 1.0 IOS -US Army Car Driver Training 1.0 IOS -US Army Car Driver Training 1.0 IOS -

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