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Uphill Oil Cargo Transport

Uphill Oil Cargo Transport

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Off road driving is a difficult task for you as a Uphill Oil Cargo Transport. You need to transport fuel to factories or petrol stations. Let’s go off-road and show your extreme driving skills. Drive heavy duty mega trucks and deliver cargo. Rugged terrains are not easy to drive on so be careful and control the heavy oil tanker. Drive your off road hill climber oil tanker on the mountains, through tunnels and terrains filled with rocks. safety of cargo is your first priority so drive safely.

Start your off road drive and visit the factory for refilling the oil tanker. Transport the fuel to different petrol stations on off-road paths. Hill climb driving with fuel transport duty is a challenge for pro drivers. Get behind the steering and show your skills . Attach the oil tanker with your heavy truck and drive through hills. Further you will drive the heavy cargo truck in extreme hill climb driving conditions to your destination. Carrying , fuel and petroleum is a much difficult task then cargo. Any accident or unusual strike with a rock can cause the leakage. Be careful with your drive . Be the perfect Uphill Oil Cargo Transport in extreme hill driving experience.


Explore the Off-Road Environment
A Unique Concept for Off Road Driving Lovers
Amazing Gameplay with HD Graphics
Play as a Virtual Oil Tanker Driver


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Uphill Oil Cargo Transport 1.0 IOS -Uphill Oil Cargo Transport 1.0 IOS -Uphill Oil Cargo Transport 1.0 IOS -

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