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Trump: Truck Car Transport

Trump: Truck Car Transport

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it’s a time to drive car carrier to transport the cars and transformers from one place to another. it’s one of the best ever game you played in any environment where you will show your off road truck transporter skills. the driving and transporting may be difficult but that will make you a monster driver. it’s like a driving school for you where you build a truck and transport the luxury cars and robotic transformers from one place to another through the city risky roads and on off road hill areas as well. drive the robot like a pro driver to learn how to park them at the truck.

Here your duty begins within driving cars and transformers inside the big car carrier then your responsibility to drive your truck and drop them at their destination. You have to show your extreme driving skills to manage the heavy truck on the risky roads. it’s not an easy job to drive such a big car carrier truck through the city and on off road hill areas as well. so the safety of the cars is up to you now. don’t let the cars get damaged in your truck so the objective of the game begins with driving the car and loading on the carrier and journey begin it’s your responsibility now how to drive such a heavy vehicle through the off road hill areas and avoid any collision otherwise you will be failed. the best advantage of the game is to complete the task within the time limit in the best graphical environment and earn the XPS point.in this game, you will play with different vehicles at every level but the first one vehicle and level are unlocked and the rest of the vehicles and the levels will be locked, you will unlock them from XP’s points or you can buy them simply through in- app purchase in just 2.99 $.

:- – Amazing heart touching graphics
:–Best camera angles and speed meter
:–Left, Right button and steering wheel tilts
:– Joystick to move player
:–No.of levels and Cargo trucks


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Trump: Truck Car Transport 1.0 IOS -Trump: Truck Car Transport 1.0 IOS -Trump: Truck Car Transport 1.0 IOS -Trump: Truck Car Transport 1.0 IOS -Trump: Truck Car Transport 1.0 IOS -

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Phiên bản: 1.0
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