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Top Model Next Star in Fashion

Top Model Next Star in Fashion

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Become the next modelling superstar and appear on the catwalks of the world in Top Model Next Star in Fashion!

If you’ve always dreamed of being the next magazine cover star, the face of your generation, then you’ve come to the right game! In Top Model Next Star in Fashion we’ll help you on the road to super stardom and teach you everything you need to know about how to become a fashion icon!

As every model knows, we start with the basics and work our way up! In fashion, that means first we visit the spa!

A beautiful model needs beautiful hair, so let’s get that hair all clean and washed and ready for styling! Hot water and shampoo aren’t enough for supermodels, they need good conditioner and must ALWAYS blow dry their hair to make it extra fabulous!

And now the hair is up and off that face, we can get to work on bringing your beauty out like a real model!

Everyone gets acne, even the best models, but don’t worry, we are here to help! A soothing soapy bubble mix and a nice soft sponge is first, then we dry it all off and move on to the magic! Best not to give away our secrets, but rest assured when you’re done in the spa, you’ll have clean, smooth, flawless skin like all the world’s top models!

In the world of fashion, everyone loves a facemask, and in Top Model Next Star in Fashion you can have lots of fun applying yours, and you can choose from all kinds of eye enhancing items to help! Oranges, kiwi fruit, cucumbers, we even use tomato slices!

All done in the spa? Fantastic, what a beautiful face ready for modelling!

Now it’s over to make-up for some serious fashion styling! It’s up to you now, you decide what make-up you should use! Are you cool, are you cute, are you hip? In Top Model Next Star in Fashion we can help you with whatever style you choose!

We’ll guide you through applying eyeliner, choosing the right lip gloss, adding soft foundation and using mascara just right so it really brings out those beautiful eyes – we can even change the color of your eyes to suit your make-up selection!

Okay, so now you look beautiful, right? You have the face and hair of a supermodel, you’re all done, huh? No way! Fashion models are always dressed in the latest trends – you’ve got to set the trends not follow them, and you’ve got to be wearing the best clothes every day! Time to get dressed!

In our amazing clothes wardrobe, we’ve got clothes to suit every taste and style – so many to choose from you’ll be playing dress up every day, ready to wow the world with your amazing style and fashion smarts! Dresses, jewellery, glasses, skirts, tops and shoes, there’s so many to choose from and all of them are fabulous!

And every time you’re dressed, it’s straight off to the catwalk for that fantastic fashion shoot! All our catwalks are designed to bring out the best in your choice of make-up and clothes so no matter what you decide, you’ll always look like a fashion supermodel!

Cool! Now you can take pictures of your creations on the catwalk and see them on the front cover of the greatest fashion magazines! Everyone will know your name when you play Top Model Next Star in Fashion – you’re the next supermodel the world’s been waiting for!

Have fun with BATOKI !


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Top Model Next Star in Fashion 1.0 IOS -Top Model Next Star in Fashion 1.0 IOS -Top Model Next Star in Fashion 1.0 IOS -Top Model Next Star in Fashion 1.0 IOS -Top Model Next Star in Fashion 1.0 IOS -

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