Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS

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Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower

Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower

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In search of a new solitaire tripeaks adventure? Looking for a themed tripeaks solitaire featuring buildings, and full deck solitaire?
Introducing – Themed Solitaire – A whole new Solitaire card game free, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Have you ever imagined magic Solitaire tripeaks crossed with a unique Theme Tower building system?
Enjoy an easy-to-play and addictive strategy solitaire tower gameplay and build your very own Tower at the same time!

If you’ve played fun solitaire card games like solitaire classic, freecell, pyramid, solitaire spider, and klondike, you’ll have fun. This cute solitaire is one of the best solitaire building card games free!

Install now to get 5,000 free Golds and 10 potions !!

■ Game Introduction
‘Theme Solitaire’ is tri peaks solitaire card game that everyone from young to old can enjoy. Play the cards to easily collect resources and build your very own unique themed tower with it! This solitaire tower free card game blends solitaire strategy & amazing graphics and visuals making it super fun and easy.

■ Key Features
1. Fun and Easy Gameplay
– Forget all the solitaire games you have known before! Because this is Solitaire Tri Peaks Magic Towers Building that everyone can easily play and enjoy!

2. Cute Fairy Tale & Classic Novel Characters
– Come enjoy the decked out solitaire game with your favorite fairy tale & classic novel characters in the Solitaire City from your childhood – Snow White, Pinocchio, Romeo and Juliet will cheer you up throughout your entire Solitaire journey!

3. All new Room Decoration System
– Decorate and build your own City towers. Choose your own interior, props and characters to build your very own unique magic tri tower tripeaks buildings filled with beautiful rooms!

4. A wide variety of fun Content to enjoy!
– From bonus games, mini games, and to all sorts of collectibles, enjoy the game of Solitaire that will never make you feel bored! Not even if you play the magic solitaire quest for hours!

Have you ever had that feeling that Solitaire is just plain difficult to play?
Then you’ve come to the right place! Our Theme Solitaire is very easy and simple to play – just follow the screen and build your tower solitaire building!

◉ No need to hesitate. Download this solitaire tripeaks twist and experience the real enjoyment of playing tri Solitaire!

* Contact us for any problems you experience with the towers tripeaks themed solitaire game. We will read every comment and try to make the app better!


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Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -Theme Solitaire:Decorate tower 1.3.7 IOS -

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