The Wolf and the Fox – Story 1.0 IOS

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The Wolf and the Fox – Story

The Wolf and the Fox - Story

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Enjoy our Classic bedtime’s tales. Interactive book with audios and games. We offer you the best selection of tales you’ve never imagined before, classic stories and fairy tales to have fun.
Classic tales collection is intuitive and easy to use. We offer different options and mini games in each story as well.
• Select a language.
• Read the story. You can choose if you want to read it in upper or lower case.
• You can hear the story by pressing the audio button. The voice is available in several languages. With a nice soundtrack and sound effects.
• Coloring book. Paint the different scenes of the story, with different colors or with the magic brush to color the image automatically. You can save or share the image.
•Puzzle scenes of the story with three levels of difficulty.


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The Wolf and the Fox - Story 1.0 IOS -The Wolf and the Fox - Story 1.0 IOS -The Wolf and the Fox - Story 1.0 IOS -

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