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Taxi Simulator 3D 2016

Taxi Simulator 3D 2016

Giới thiệu Taxi Simulator 3D 2016


Have you ever overslept and found out you are running late for a meeting? Have you ever spent too much time getting ready and have realised that you will be late for the family dinner with the in-laws? Or a date? Or work? If you have, you would wish you had a crazy cab driver as the person in charge of getting you from A to B. We have amazing background music to motivate you and boost your game play. You have city map for whole city to help your way to get easy and explore more fun possibilities. We at Nucleus3D bring you exactly that with our latest new game, Crazy Taxi 3D!

You take charge of a taxi and your mission is to get your passengers to the destination in the fastest way possible. You will get a very realistic feel of the virtual city as the traffic that you would have to navigate through will be highly detailed. Fast turns, sharp manoeuvring between traffic and other such actions will be what you’ll have to master if you are to progress through the game. A game with a pulsating concept and a well-designed virtual world is sure to keep you glued to the screen. It is next generation 3D car racing simulator game for all you guys, who love to drive fast and especially the ones who love fast cool racing sports cars with an awesome realistic graphics, cool environment and easy fun gameplay.

This game is guaranteed to provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment as you come to terms with the game. You play as a new cool crazy taxi driver, pick passengers and drop off them to their destination and make them crazy too with your wild crazy drive. Yes you can drift and make crazy turns during the traffic and you will enjoy it. As thrilling as Crazy Taxi 3D already is, it is even more fun when you’re competing with friends. Share it with your family and friends to see who can handle the pressure behind the crazy taxi’s wheel! Let’s drive and be crazy totally free!!
-Crazy full packed 20 levels to experience the thrill and speed.
-Three really cool colors racing taxis options available.
-Pick up your passenger crazily and drop them off crazily.
-Awesome and amazing 3D graphics with full simulator environment.
-Pick your favourite character to start the wild crazy taxi drive.
-Astonishing different camera views for best driving experience.
-Hours of easy fun 3D game play with map and with traffic in the city.
-Increase your gaming experience with real physics motions like high speed and drifting of the sports car.


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Taxi Simulator 3D 2016 1.0 IOS -Taxi Simulator 3D 2016 1.0 IOS -Taxi Simulator 3D 2016 1.0 IOS -Taxi Simulator 3D 2016 1.0 IOS -Taxi Simulator 3D 2016 1.0 IOS -

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