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Tattoo stickers photo editor

Tattoo stickers photo editor

Giới thiệu Tattoo stickers photo editor


With this application you can put the most amazing tattoos stickers in the world with incredible ease.

We have available more than 500 stickers of tattoos for retouching your photos and make more beautiful, thug and amazing than they already are.

If you want to surprise someone, nothing is easier to teach a photo with tattoos stickers.
And also serves as a gift for friends!

Using this application is as simple as:
-Do a photo with the camera or select a photo gallery
-Stop inside the box to crop the part of the picture you want
-And now you only have to choose the stickers that you like and place

To move the picture for cropping, you only have to move the picture with your finger, or make it larger or smaller with two fingers.

To place the stickers only you have to select a sticker (or stickers all you want), and the finger you can put where you want, or select the arrow that appears, you can rotate or make it larger or smaller.

With this photo editor to add stickers of tattoos, you’ll fall in surprise with anyone. This photo editor makes some pictures with incredible and compelling results.

Remember, use the photo editor stickers tattoos for all. Your photos will be much more “amazing” and “crazy”.

You can share your photos with your friends and your love through any social network.


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Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -Tattoo stickers photo editor 2.0 IOS -

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