Superhero Fire Blaze – A Strange Hero Of Justice 1.0 IOS

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Superhero Fire Blaze – A Strange Hero Of Justice

Superhero Fire Blaze – A Strange Hero Of Justice

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Fulfil your lifelong dream of becoming a flying superhero and rush to the aid of crime city vice town where darkness has fallen due to the invasion of the city by alien robot. Be the grand city hero that the people need!

Experience the thrill and all the superhero adventure that follows. In this new strange hero legend adventure game, this flying man is not a mutant spider hero or rope hero but is the new flying Superhero Fire Blaze; the savior and grand city hero of vice town ready to take any villain that stands in its way. Superhero Fire Blaze’s only aim is to be the avenger of this fallen crime city and restore its peace.

The alien transformation robot has invaded the vice town and turned it into a crime city. The casualties and catastrophes caused by these monster robots are ever increasing and the lives of innocent people is at stake. The city officials have launched several attack but have failed miserably. Now it’s the mission of one super hero legend to save the humanity and its none other than our own flying man the amazing Super Hero Fire Blaze.

For all the rope hero and strange spider hero games lover, get ready to embark on an epic rescue hero adventure and enjoy this exciting superhero rescue game. Where you come face to face against some brutal monster robot and wage a future battle against them. Suit up and rush to the aid of vice town and take down the dragon robot in a combat of one on one future battle. Unleash the best of your superhero fighting style and achieve greatness in this epic, exciting and challenging super hero future battle game.

It’s time to be the avenger of the crime city and take down all the villain by becoming the superhero you always dreamt of. Experience the ultimate flying hero role playing game and see how no one can stand against the flames of Fire Blaze.

Do you have what it takes to be a real action hero? There’s only one way to find out 🙂


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