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Sudoku ●

Sudoku ●

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The best Sudoku game is here!

This is the classic sudoku game for beginners and experts. If you want to relax or keep your mind active, you can enjoy this fantastic Sudoku game. Sudoku’s app offers the same great experience of playing Sudoku with paper and pencil.

Choose any level you want. Play simpler levels to exercise your brain or try expert levels to make your mind work. There are millions of Sudoku puzzles of 4 difficulties: easy, medium, difficult and expert.

The sudoku app is designed with excellent features to make the game easier for you: tracks, automated controls and highlighted duplicates. You can use them or take the challenge manually without help. It depends on what you prefer!


◆ Automatic error checking or manual mode to see errors themselves
◆ The application can offer you a hint (with time penalty)
◆ Millions of puzzles of varying difficulty levels
◆ Take notes to keep track of possible numbers
◆ Undo
◆ Share a Sudoku puzzle with your friends to challenge them
◆ Highscores and achievements to compare your level with that of other players in the world
◆ Simple and clean interface
◆ Save / load unfinished games

Challenge your brain with Sudoku anytime, anywhere!


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Sudoku ● 126 IOS -Sudoku ● 126 IOS -Sudoku ● 126 IOS -Sudoku ● 126 IOS -

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