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Studio Pik – photo editor

Studio Pik – photo editor

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“All in one! An amazing photo editor with a collection of color effects, filters, stickers and photo editing tools that you need to edit your images.
Edit your images with classic photo filters, film-inspired presets, and advanced camera controls. Create your personalized photos with our exclusive presets and photo editing tools. Experience the quality of our range of tools compared to the other built-in filters.
Photo Editing Tools:
• Color filters
• Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation
• Haze UV / Blur Effects (Gaussian Selective Blur, Tilt and Shift)
• Crop, Rotate and Resize
• Draw on photos, Add text
• Vignette, Color Fade
• Add Stickers
Library of Filters and Color Effects;
• Pixelated Digital Pixel Effect
• Original Film Camera Colors Presets
• Vintage and Retro Color Grading
• Monochrome
• Sepia Tone
• Posterize, Emboss
If you like our app, please rate and comment to help us improve!”


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Studio Pik – photo editor 1.0 IOS -Studio Pik – photo editor 1.0 IOS -Studio Pik – photo editor 1.0 IOS -Studio Pik – photo editor 1.0 IOS -Studio Pik – photo editor 1.0 IOS -

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