SSS Chess 3D – HD background 1.1.2 IOS

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SSS Chess 3D – HD background

SSS Chess 3D - HD background

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SSS chess 3D is a comprehensive chess app, having wide variety of customisable AI level, Environment, chess pieces texture and chess board texture. Enjoy the gameplay while having a beautiful HDRI environment as the background. Gameplay is available in both portrait and landscape mode.

-Varieties of AI level with Elo ranging from 50 to 3100.
-Learning chess with undo. Can be disable.
-Customisable chess pieces textures, board texture and HDRI background images.
-Automatically save gameplay.
-Mini game on main menu screen, for some relaxation after intense brain activities or purely for fun.
-Disable animation to enter blitz mode.

Introduce to SSS AI:
There are up to 32 total AI level to choose from, ranging from 50ELO to 3100ELO, beginner to beyond grandmaster. AI are divided into three types for player with different skill level beginner, intermediate and intermediate++.

Beginner – This AI does board-based analysis. Its behaviour is determined purely based on rating produced from the outcome of the board after making each possible and successful move, it also does additional threat analysis on whether a trade between pieces is worthwhile. A lower AI level will not include certain board rating component or at worst, making the worst possible moves.

Intermediate – Utilized MTD-F position-based min-max search algorithm, predetermined score of each position for each type of piece are set and the AI will choose the best position a piece can be situated in. The level indicates the search depth the algorithm will perform on each turn, the deeper it searches, the lesser the mistake it will make. Due to its weak ability to checkmate opponent, board-based analysis AI is introduced and replacing it in endgame.

Intermediate++ – This AI is based entirely from Stockfish, a well-known and powerful open-source chess engine that has been recognized as the strongest chess analysis program in the world for almost a decade and it still growing stronger day by day. It is impeccable from opening to endgame without deliberating attempt to weaken it at all. A lower level of difficulty will hinder it from choosing the best possible moves on certain occasion which sometimes handicapped it.


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SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -SSS Chess 3D - HD background 1.1.2 IOS -

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