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Spot differences – Brain Games

Spot differences – Brain Games

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Ready to challenge your brain? Test your observation skills as you compare two nearly identical pictures and try to find the difference! More than 100 Levels!!!
Spot differences – Brain Games is a picture puzzle game in which players are to find differences between two otherwise similar images, whether they are photographs, illustrations or pictures.
Develop your visual scanning skills with these mind games and have fun with these picture puzzles to train your brain. This is the best application to find out and search for the five differences in two pictures. Once you find five differences, tap the area on the screen to spot the difference between two pictures.
Brain-training puzzles keep players’ minds sharp and healthy. Learn to memorize, be patient, train your mind, and exercise your skills! The more puzzles you solve, the faster you level up. Seek carefully! Be the best player to spot the differences. As you level up and practice more, you will be an expert in finding the differences.
Now download the app and start to train your brain and improve your visual scanning skills and visual motor skills.
Available on mobile phone and tablet.
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