Spin the Bottle – Steal a Kiss 2.2 IOS

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Spin the Bottle – Steal a Kiss

Spin the Bottle - Steal a Kiss

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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
Steal a kiss and let her go 🙂

Spin the Bottle Kissing Game.

Spin the bottle is a party game in which several players sit in a circle. The game starts by one player spinning a bottle. Whomever the bottle points to, the spinner must kiss. The kissee becomes the next spinner.
A high stakes variant of the game requires that the person that the bottle is pointing to has to take off an item of clothing until one player is naked.

In accordance with the wishes of users added :
– Tasks and questions + ability to add custom tasks
– Option to select players from the gallery of photos on your phone
– New background

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Have fun!


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Spin the Bottle - Steal a Kiss 2.2 IOS -Spin the Bottle - Steal a Kiss 2.2 IOS -Spin the Bottle - Steal a Kiss 2.2 IOS -Spin the Bottle - Steal a Kiss 2.2 IOS -Spin the Bottle - Steal a Kiss 2.2 IOS -

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