Spiderette Patience Solitaire 3.5 IOS

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Spiderette Patience Solitaire

Spiderette Patience Solitaire

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Spider solitaire has a fantastic user interface, beautiful graphics and subtle sound effects.

Drag, tap, or for the most fun, give cards a shove to send them on their way!

If you love solitaire try all our games. And if you’re looking for Spider for your iPad check out the HD version.

Now Spider Solitaire Include A Pack of Mini Games, including spades, freeCell, pyramid, canfield, golf solitaire, 2048, white tiles, unblock me, and so on. wating for you to discover.


+ 3 Spider variations — 1-suit, 2-suit, 4-suit (traditional)
+ Landscape & portrait orientation lock setting
+ 14 Kinds of Card Backgrounds
+ 12 Kinds of App Backgrounds
+ Easy to Use user-interface
+ Subtle sound effects so you can enjoy your music
+ Drag and drop cards or throw them!
+ Playable cards wiggle or glow — turn off for a bigger challenge. The more the cards wiggle the better the move.
+ Unlimited Undo
+ Detailed Statistics


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Spiderette Patience Solitaire 3.5 IOS -
Spiderette Patience Solitaire 3.5 IOS -
Spiderette Patience Solitaire 3.5 IOS -
Spiderette Patience Solitaire 3.5 IOS -

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