Solitales: Solitaire in Garden 1.14 IOS

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Solitales: Solitaire in Garden

Solitales: Solitaire in Garden

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Fact no.1 – we love playing cards. Fact no. 2 – we love some card games better than others.

And it would be Solitaire we love the most. A card game which has become the first-aid kit in battling dull, dragging hours of boredom. In fact (fact no.3), it’s become a worldwide remedy to it – a non-prescription chill-pill for the everyday hustle and bustle of reality.

Straight to the point – here’s SoliTales. A classic solitaire game offering everything you love about it: Tripeaks, Spider, Klondike or Free Cell – you name it! Oh, and it’s set within the theme of garden design! Yep, you play Solitaire to make your surroundings look perfect!

Sounds good? Read on, then.

The deal is simple: you get a classic solitaire game as a standard plus the brilliant extra stuff such as:

• Bonuses and buffs – the longer the streak of cards you’ve collected, the more exciting the bonuses and buffs you’ll get!

• Dig-and-cut tools to help you clean the cards off the table (after all you’re a gardener now) – yep, as simple as it gets – dig out and cut the cards to empty the board and reveal the tableau to earn more COINS (and who doesn’t like coins?)

• Garden-watering to get FREE coins – keep watering your plants to be showered with FREE COINS (and who doesn’t like extra coins?)

• Wheel of fortune spins – true fortune-tellers know how to spin the wheel of fortune, see it for yourself and spin for awesome rewards.

• Tons of levels and tons of excitement – no need to explain this one, right?

• Chilling, easy-to-do garden tasks – watch your garden thrive and enjoy your peace of mind.

• Go wild and play the Wild Card – probably the most wanted one in Solitaire. Use it wisely, but if you need more, you can always win it or spend a few coins on a new one.

Still not enough? Here, more features of the game:

• Swoosh the cards away – collect long streaks of cards to get WIND cards and blow the board clear.

• Unchain your heart, sorry – card – you can collect cards twice as fast by picking the chained ones.

• Unleash a bountiful amount of other great stuff like MORPH and CHANGE cards.

• Collect UNIQUE items to snag great REWARDS and complete more levels!

Now that you know so much about the game get ready for MORE. Solitales will take you into a totally different dimension. You’ll meet Simon and his faithful dog – Ace, who’s a real garden devastator, sorry – renovator. Dig Simon’s story and help him decorate gardens. Meet the whole bunch of other characters and fall in love with them. Feel a bit of a romance in the air while enjoying the stunning art of your garden work. But, above all, enjoy one of the best solitaire versions with Solitales!


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Solitales: Solitaire in Garden 1.14 IOS -Solitales: Solitaire in Garden 1.14 IOS -Solitales: Solitaire in Garden 1.14 IOS -Solitales: Solitaire in Garden 1.14 IOS -Solitales: Solitaire in Garden 1.14 IOS -

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