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Solitaire – Télé 7 Jeux

Solitaire - Télé 7 Jeux

Giới thiệu Solitaire – Télé 7 Jeux


Solitaire, also known as ‘Klondike’, is the classic version of solitaire for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!


– The Expert mode: Play solitaire without any hints or help.

– Customize your game with new cards and boards !

– Full of new statistics to analyse your games !

– A brand new Premium inApp, with exclusive cards and boards !

Explore a comprehensive and fun-packed version of solitaire and join the thousands of players already hooked!

– “Excellent! The best solitaire app on the AppStore!”

– “The Vegas mode is seriously addictive, I spend hours on it! And what’s more, the app is beautifully designed.”


– Standard solitaire mode or Vegas mode
– 1 or 3 card draw
– Play in Expert Mode, without any help in the game
– Portrait or landscape mode
– Play left or right-handed


– Customize your cards and boards
– Full statistics
– Games are automatically saved
– Cancel moves as many times as you want
– Intelligent help
– No interference between solitaire and iPod playback


– Play and move cards easily
– Touch a card to move it automatically
– Automatically end your turn on solitaire


Hình ảnh Solitaire – Télé 7 Jeux


Solitaire - Télé 7 Jeux 1.0 IOS -Solitaire - Télé 7 Jeux 1.0 IOS -Solitaire - Télé 7 Jeux 1.0 IOS -Solitaire - Télé 7 Jeux 1.0 IOS -

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