Solitaire: Play For Real Money 1.11 IOS

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Solitaire: Play For Real Money

Solitaire: Play For Real Money

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The classic card game Solitaire has arrived at eGoGames. Use all the cards on the deck to build up four complete foundations in sequence from ace to the king. The longer time left on the clock when you finish will be your bonus.

This is a great feature with a head to head format where two players can compete for a prize that can vary depending on the currency they choose.

Our weekly ranking will give all eGoGames users the chance to win incredible prizes depending on the currency. This way, they all start the week with the same chances of getting the prize, and this doesn´t stop increasing with every game play until the prize is given out!

Enjoy our different tournaments where you will be able to access much bigger cash prizes.

You can access 3 different types of tournaments:

• Score Tournaments: Sign up to any of the multiple tournaments that eGoGames hosts everyday and win the prize!
• LIVE Tournaments: Pay attention! eGoGames will host special tournaments at certain times of the day where you can play and access a really special prize.
• Code Tournaments: Create your own tournament, customize it and share with your friends! The more people in it, the bigger the profit will be for you for being the host.

Add any player as a friend to challenge and play directly against him or her
Challenge your friends and show them how the champion is to earn the prize!

Do you ahve any questions?
You can email us to [email protected]
Or through our social media:

Facebook – @eGoGamesES –
Instagram – @eGoGamesESP -
Twitter – @eGoGamesESP –


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Solitaire: Play For Real Money 1.11 IOS -Solitaire: Play For Real Money 1.11 IOS -Solitaire: Play For Real Money 1.11 IOS -Solitaire: Play For Real Money 1.11 IOS -Solitaire: Play For Real Money 1.11 IOS -

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