Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest 10.660.9 IOS

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Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest

Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest

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Welcome and explore ‘Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest’ as the ultimate pyramid tripeaks card game now! Get into this new daily challenge in an ancient frozen wonderland and shuffle. The wildlife is hiding for the snow, waiting for your help to come by! Classic matching cards is your job for the animals during the journey through the frozen dream forest. Climb the pyramid of card adventures and overcome every shuffle obstacle. Welcome in the daily challenge of Solitaire: frozen dream forest!

Main features of this addictive card game:
+ Pyramid or tripeaks gameplay
+ Explore the ancient wonderland in the frozen dream forest solitaire
+ Easy to learn gameplay, but hard to master for getting all stars
+ Connect with Facebook for fun with friends
+ Shuffle and match epic cards in this card game

Enjoy one of the best and popular card games online! The frozen dream forest of solitaire is full of animals, hidden for the snow and cold ice. Can you rescue the animals from the frozen cards and shuffle the sun back? It’s easy to learn but hard to master. Connect with Facebook friends and have fun and benefits like sending gifts and more! The pyramid or tripeaks gameplay is popular for everyone that likes solitaire. Start to shuffle now and do classic matching actions with all cards in this card game adventure!

How to play:
Your deck of cards is full of king, queen, ace or numbers, and you need to match them. Get into a challenge for the animals in the frozen dream forest and win the solitaire card game for them! The wildlife will be thankful for your puzzle game skills. Let’s do this!

NOTE: This solitaire puzzle game is free to play but some in-game items may require payment with real money.

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Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest 10.660.9 IOS -Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest 10.660.9 IOS -Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest 10.660.9 IOS -Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest 10.660.9 IOS -Solitaire Frozen Dream Forest 10.660.9 IOS -

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