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Solitaire: Card Game 2021

Solitaire: Card Game 2021

Giới thiệu Solitaire: Card Game 2021


Train your brain and play the ORIGINAL Solitaire card game for FREE on iOS!

Solitaire, also known as Klondike and Patience, is the most popular card game in the world. Try our BEST SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and fun, just like classic Windows Solitaire™. It is a truly solitary experience!

This Solitaire game also includes DAILY CHALLENGES! Each day you’ll receive a unique daily challenge. Receive a crown for each day you solve the daily challenge. Win all the daily crowns in any month to win a special trophy!

Are you bored of Solitaire apps that always seem to have the same rough gameplay and tired looking graphics? Try this completely custom version of Solitaire App, for iPad, iPod, and all iPhone models. This Solitaire has the best gameplay of any Solitaire on the market. Please try this Solitaire as we know you’ll see and feel the difference. What have you got to lose? Solitaire is a free download!

== Features ==

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Unlimited undos
• Custom Settings: play in portrait or landscape mode, draw 1 or 3 card mode
• Statistics
• Simple “Tap to move” control for fast gameplay
• Custom card decks and backgrounds
• Right and left handed mode
• Daily Challenges
• Additional game modes: Yukon, 100% winnable deals and Vegas scoring

Play the popular CLASSIC Solitaire card game on iOS for FREE now!


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Solitaire: Card Game 2021 5.2.1 IOS -Solitaire: Card Game 2021 5.2.1 IOS -Solitaire: Card Game 2021 5.2.1 IOS -Solitaire: Card Game 2021 5.2.1 IOS -Solitaire: Card Game 2021 5.2.1 IOS -

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File Size: 50,266.00 MB
Phiên bản: 5.2.1
Đánh giá: 4.29851
Tổng đánh giá: 67
Ngày cập nhật: 2016-02-02 21:31:27

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