Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion 1.0.2 IOS

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Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion

Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion

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Play one of the most exciting smashing games ever! This game is a hit! It will provide you with a comical and challenging time. You will find yourself in a virtual universe, surrounded by some Aliens that are literally invading every free space they find, bringing everything out of order. They spread out like a virus and do not intend to stop in front of anything.

The aliens will literally attack every planet, satellite, star etc. Your task will be to try and prevent them from invading other places. Stop them from crossing the light borders before the time runs out and they start the invasion of another galaxy. Simply tap your finger on any alien to make them explode and free the space occupied before. Tap on the aliens when the appear on screen before they reach the other end.

If you are not quick enough they could cross the glowing borders making you lose your mission. It is an exceptional time killer that will make you forget the meaning of the word boredom. Aliens are invading us and you must smash them all!! Play this fun and addictive game with beautiful graphics and try to smash and squish all the bad aliens that appear on a screen before they reach you. But watch out, there are some happy and cute neighborhood that you must not smash or you will lose the life. Use wisely the powers that we give you. Brace yourself! Because alien hunting isn’t as easy. Make sure no hunted monster reaches near you; otherwise your health will be damaged.

The alien Detector may not see these aliens as they only exist in your phone. Your phone is your alien finder so find them in your phone and kill them before they can take over the world. Any surviving alien will make you lose the game. Hunt the aliens before they kill you down. The world is taken over by the walking dead aliens around who devour any living thing they catch or hit, and whose bite is infectious to all humans.

How to Play:
– You have to kill all the aliens for saving earth from these aliens.
– Gameplay is very simple, you just need to touch on the aliens to kill them.
– Watch out for the kids around the road. Do not smash them as they are not going to harm you.
– You can use special powers to kill those aliens because this is not gonna be the easy task.
– Make sure no any alien come closer to you because it will harm your health.
– You must remove them by touching them on the screen. You can also buy special items, power-ups.

– This is the top action game with the variety of exciting levels.
– Don’t hit the kids surfers from neighborhood
– Intuitive touch screen controls that are easy to pick up and play

Smash and kill the aliens before they take over you and win. Aliens are on the battle in the haunted house with you and you need to win to save the humanity from aliens hunting us down. Now it’s time to face the post-apocalypse world and blow the crap out of thousands of aliens. It’s up to you to not only survive but to build, lead, fit and fight your way as you rebuild this world.


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Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion 1.0.2 IOS -Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion 1.0.2 IOS -Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion 1.0.2 IOS -Smash the Aliens: Earth Invasion 1.0.2 IOS -

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