Slime RPG 2 – 2D Pixel Dungeon 1.1.05 IOS

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Slime RPG 2 – 2D Pixel Dungeon

Slime RPG 2 - 2D Pixel Dungeon

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■ Game introduction

▶ The best role-playing game!
Enter the faster and newer slime world!

▶ Classic RPG with a cool hitting feeling
Enjoy a side-scrolling 2D RPG game.

▶ A fun adventure!
Explore various terrains
Discover cute slimes

▶ Powerful weapons by level
Get different types of weapons for each level!

▶ Fun field hunting
You can move quickly and hunt without rest!
Feel the sense of accomplishment that grows stronger

▶ The field you want to keep hunting!
You can move quickly and hunt without rest!
Fast hunting using the terrain!

▶ Various contents that can become stronger!
Equipment enhancement, boss raid, golden shrine, quest, etc.
Increase your attack power and hunt stronger slimes with various participations.

▶ Ranking system
Compete with others in the rankings!
Level up to be the best in the rankings.

Data will be deleted when the application is deleted
Before deleting, please check the cloud precautions in the game before proceeding to cloud storage.


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Slime RPG 2 - 2D Pixel Dungeon 1.1.05 IOS -Slime RPG 2 - 2D Pixel Dungeon 1.1.05 IOS -Slime RPG 2 - 2D Pixel Dungeon 1.1.05 IOS -Slime RPG 2 - 2D Pixel Dungeon 1.1.05 IOS -Slime RPG 2 - 2D Pixel Dungeon 1.1.05 IOS -

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