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Sleepless Frog Quest

Sleepless Frog Quest

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There is a cute little sleepless frog that requires your help to get to the top in a challenging and adventurous ride. Help him get to the top!!

We present you our new chasing crazy adventurous game in which your frog had a lot of coffee and he must complete his quest to the top by tackling around obstacles to get to its top.
Eat the maximum bees on your way to the top to contest and win. YES!! Our new game is here, Our Sleepless Frog Adventure Quest Game will give you the best challenge you have been craving for.

THE GAME IS ON! Tap and control your sleepless cute frog to the top in our simple and fascinating game and rise higher in this top of the line chasing, racing and pursuit game.
Bump into the gameplay of scenery, stems, obstacles and bees. Abstain yourself from hitting the hurdles and get yourself on the leaderboard with the maximum score. BEWARE, this game is highly addictive and a big challenge to all the game lovers.

This endless game provides you a solution for your leisure time with amazing and simple gameplay and intuitive Controls. The game is simple and straightforward and you would love it from the very first encounter and gameplay.

Your survival is dependent on your taps, your eyes on your phone or your device and the frequency of your taps. The more controlled you are, the more good you become with the game.

Game Features:
-Simple, intuitive and easy to use one touch controls
-Easy, Addictive and very challenging
-Fun to play and the best time pass as a leisure activity
-Simple, intuitive and instinctive graphics and gameplay
-Leaderboard for the champions

How to Play:
-long tap to let the frog to jump higher
-Tap anywhere on left to jump the frog left
-Tap anywhere on right to jump the frog right
-Save yourself from the hurdles and eat bees to get points
-The more hurdles you pass, the better you become on the leaderboard
-Share your success and make others jealous of your score

Help the frog and sweep it away from the obstacles and hurdles and get the frog to the top. Help it to get the maximum bees on its way to get him going and pass through maximum hurdles. Beat your personal best or beat the score on leaderboard and boast about your tackling skills.
If you are stuck in traffic, standing in lift, free in office or unable to sleep, this is the best leisure game activity you can have to pass your time in the most amazing and exciting way,
Just start the chase and help the sleepless frog to get far as possible. Tap on the screens to move right or left and pass through by eating bees and tackle yourself swiftly through the obstacles.

This game sets a new standard to the crazy addiction with awesome graphics and simplicity. The game shows a landscape of a sleepless frog along with obstacles. The gameplay goes with the sleepless frog paving its way upward to the top by passing between the bees and obstacles in the short span of time with high jumps and swiftness.
Take your ride of the sleepless frog quest and take control of your score and life lines by defending yourself from dying and falling down. If you fall, the game is over and you die that makes it the best addictive and challenging game.
Take your time for the best adventure of moving through the bees.


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Sleepless Frog Quest 1.0 IOS -Sleepless Frog Quest 1.0 IOS -Sleepless Frog Quest 1.0 IOS -

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