Skill 3D Parking – Thunder Trucks 1.1.1 IOS

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Skill 3D Parking – Thunder Trucks

Skill 3D Parking  - Thunder Trucks

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If you have never driven an eighteen wheeler before, then this game will give you an unique experience of driving a large vehicle. Your precision driving skills will pushed to the limit!

Your mission is to race around a highly-detailed environment and find the best way to the parking lot, but if you believe that parking is just about finding the spot, please rethink especially when you have to park a heavy vehicle.

Try to park your thunder truck as fast as possible to get the highest score and beat your own time. The levels are very challenging with different degrees of difficulty. Get behind the steering wheel even if you have never driven a truck before, and complete all the missions.

Skill 3D Parking – Thunder Truck provides user-friendly controls and gives you a realistic simulation of driving and parking. You can control your vehicle by using the on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need and be aware to not crash into anything.

▶ 12 unique and very challenging 3D levels with various degrees of difficulty;
▶ Choose your favorite heavy truck amongst 18 unique vehicles;
▶ Genuine truck driving and parking experience;
▶ Addictive and smooth gameplay;
▶ High-detailed industrial city graphics;
▶ Realistic controls: steering wheel, acceleration, brake, gear;
▶ Excellent sound effects.



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