Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids 1.0 IOS

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Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids

Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids

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First type of game is ABC Alphabet Tracing provides everything your child needs to learn the alphabet, phonics and the sound and first words associated with each letter.
Alphabet Tracing is a fantastic and completely free application for children learning to write and recognize their alphabet A-Z. Intuitively trace both uppercase and lowercase letters with the touch of a finger. This app includes the “Alphabet Song”, a coloring book with a page for each letter, activities for learning the letters in sequence, and fun animated games to teach pronunciation and letter recognition. Hear and see English alphabet letters and real world objects that relate to them.

How to play and learning ABC Alphabet
Trace letters simply by moving a finger or stylus over the letter outlines on screen. To erase, touch the eraser or shake the device. Change letters by touching the desired letter in the tab area on the bottom of the notebook or by scrolling the letters within the tab area.

The second type is Match shapes underwater puzzle activities for toddlers and kids! The puzzle pieces, exotic underwater marine animals, and vibrant colours make it perfect for young kids and toddlers. There are 15 levels and a tropical aquarium that can be filled with fish and other sea animals. Puzzle activities are carried out with encouraging and rewarding manner. There are 60 different fish and other sea animals to be earned.
Toddler Games and Sea Puzzles is designed from the ground up for one, two, and three year old kids.

How to play and learning Match shapes underwater
Drag and drop the sea animal in the matched shape hole.

Your child will be having so much fun, that they won’t realize how much they are learning.
The app is so easy to use that even toddlers will enjoy playing with. The app is beautifully designed and just a joy to look at and use.

Learning to associate each letter with the phonics sound is an important first step for kids to learn to read. The entertaining and enjoyable format will keep children focused as they learn.
ABC Alphabet Tracing is a Universal App, so it works with both iPhone and iPad.


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Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids 1.0 IOS -Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids 1.0 IOS -Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids 1.0 IOS -Shapes & Abc Alphabet Learning Colors For Kids 1.0 IOS -

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