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School Trip Island Adventure

School Trip Island Adventure

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Are you sick of having school trip in the forest or parks and want to enjoy the beauty of some different place? So get ready for to enjoy an amazing school trip with your teacher and classmates. Your trip is going to an island where you can enjoy boating, fishing and lots of other fun activities related to beautiful sea. It’ll be a great fun to have water and water all around you. After taking attendance let’s move to the ship one by one for an amazing journey on water. It’s beautiful to stand on the deck and enjoy cool and fresh breeze of the sea.
Unfortunately the ship has a technical problem and can’t move on. But don’t worry kids you can move on, on the boats. Come on sit in the boat and enjoying boating in the deep sea. Also take your fishing hook with you to hunt the fish. Be the best fish hunter among all of your friends. When you done fish hunting and has reached the beautiful island, make your own boat with woods. Have some nails and hammer and start making boat by you. Make it as strong as you can as you are going to have a competition in these boats. Yes sure, you are going to have some boat racing games in water. Have a great race to win, use your full force and will power to drive the boat speedy.
Hunted fish is waiting for you to be cooked. You may have got tired after having a boat race in water and want something nice to eat to raise your energy level. Be the expert chef of your class and cook the fish, make an awesome fish barbeque, other kids will definitely love your cooking. What a delicious food you have made for all? It’s just superb.
There are number of animals on this island and teacher is giving you the task to hunt them. Be brave enough to hunt the lion and elephant and challenge you friends to do the same if they are braver than you. After animal hunting start making camps to stay in the night to have a great sleep. Staying in the camp and spend night with friends will be a great experience for you. there will be a lot of fun activities for you to do in the night such as listening music, reading books and telling stories and much more. In the morning come back to your home sweet home where your dear parents are waiting for you.
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School Trip Island Adventure 1.0 IOS -School Trip Island Adventure 1.0 IOS -School Trip Island Adventure 1.0 IOS -School Trip Island Adventure 1.0 IOS -School Trip Island Adventure 1.0 IOS -

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