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saint chess

saint chess

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Saint chess (Chinese chess) is similar to international chess but there are several key differences (different pieces and different rules for moving them).

However, the target of the game is the same as that of international chess: capture the opponent’s General.

You can also win by putting the opposing General in a checkmate. In a stalemate situation, the game is considered a draw.

How to play:

Pieces: General, Guards, Elephants, Chariots, Horses, Cannons and Soldiers, each pieces have different moves:

Soldiers: can only move and capture 1 point forward (not diagonally) until they cross the river. Once they cross the river, soldiers can move 1 point to the left or right or forwards but not backwards.

Chariots: can move any number of spaces in a straight line horizontally or vertically through the rows of the board.

Cannons: move rules are the same as the chariot with one difference. In order to capture, the cannon has to jump over only 1 piece but it can be of either color.

Elephants: can move 2 points diagonally, as a bishop can in international chess. However an elephant cannot cross the river on the board. If there is a piece on the point which the elephant has to jump over in order to get to the second point then the elephant can’t get to the second point.

Horses: piece is equivalent to the knight in international chess rules, in that it can move 1 point any direction and 1 point diagonally (2 points in one direction and 1 point perpendicular to it). However, the horse cannot jump another piece (e.g. If there is a piece in front of the horse blocking it’s path of 2 points forward).

Guards: can move only 1 point diagonally in either direction but, they cannot leave the Imperial Palace.

General: can move 1 space back or forward, right or left but cannot make a move diagonally. This piece is also not allowed to leave the Imperial Palace area. Generals on the opposite sides of the board cannot be across from each other without another piece between them.

A “checkmate” occurs when the General cannot escape capture. You can also win if you force your opponent into a “stalemate”, in which your opponent cannot make a legal move to protect his General.

The game is a draw when neither player can force a stalemate or checkmate.


Online game.

There are 4 mode: chess, rapid chess, hidden chess and hidden rapid chess.

Invite friend, add friend.

Sign in, create a new account.

Bonus money every day and every 5 wins.

Achievement Board.

Switch off the sound.


Assessment of the game.


Chat with other player.

Change avarta, how to play.

The game released on the mobile phone, website, a computer, a television, and anywhere

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