Robot Squad – Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero 1.0 IOS

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Robot Squad – Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero

Robot Squad - Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero

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It’s time to act superhero with your new futuristic robot squad. You are a trained super robot hero, hired for the beach lifeguard duty, now along with your x ray robot squad and flying robot skill be the beach rescue hero. Be the single man steel robot squad lifeguard, you have your flying hero skills and a powerboat, report to your lifeguard duty and save as much lives as you can in the beach simulator game.

Super Robot Squad Flying Hero gives you a view in the beach lifeguard simulator along with the thrill of being a transformers robot hero. All you have to do is keep a watch at the beach simulator, respond to your emergency rescue bots duty calls and either be the transformers robot flying hero or by power boat driving reach to the victims and save as many people as you can from the disastrous situation.

This Super Robot Squad Flying Hero provides you with the perfect rescue team of x ray robot for the beach lifeguard rescue mission. You will have to be the best at being lifeguard either be handling flying robot or by being best power boat driver just be the life saver of the beach. With robot transformation today is your day for being a super hero and saving lives. You are the steel robot lifeguard on beach rescue duty and a flying hero. For the lovers of emergency rescue hero games and robot simulator games this beach rescue robot squad game is a pure treat.

Feel the wind rushing by as you fly in the air as the flying robot determined on beach rescue or feel the sheer force of the beach waves as you experience extreme boat driving while reaching the victims on time; Super Robot Squad Flying Hero offers you all. It will give you the best platform to show case your passion for saving lives.


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Robot Squad - Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero 1.0 IOS -Robot Squad - Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero 1.0 IOS -Robot Squad - Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero 1.0 IOS -Robot Squad - Beach Rescue: Flying Robot Hero 1.0 IOS -

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