Robot Simulator 2017 – Robots fighting Game 1.0 IOS

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Robot Simulator 2017 – Robots fighting Game

Robot Simulator 2017 - Robots fighting Game

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Ever dreamed of becoming a flying robot ? We take you on a journey to explore the Robot Simulator 2017. For years, the superheroes had to hide their identity, but in hard times like futuristic robot battle, flying bot must show himself again.
Best thing about this flying robot simulator is that it will provide you with all the fun of best robot games in the world. This super hero flying robot has various robot missions like destroying the evil robot warriors not like any other robot fighting games, blasting the robot cannons better than any super robot games.

Become a Superhero in flying robot simulator! This robots game will definitely be different from other super robot games or superhero simulator games that you have played. Robot strike and robot missions aren’t the only eye capturing feature of robot simulator but robot guns to take down robotic warriors will take your breath away. Rule the super hero city & bring down the robot force during futuristic battle. Reclaim your land which was once taken over by evil robots. Destroy their headquarters and rescue fellow citizens from robot attack. Steel Robots are sure to fuel your love for robot fighting with superhero rope and guns. If you love robot soldier or robot shooting , then you are definitely going to love robot warrior games with flying superheroes, robots, autobots and robotic warriors.

Realistic controls and physics for flying bot, super heroes, and robot flying will keep the user engaged. In other superhero games the player only gets to control flying bot and robot warriors but the element of action, bazooka gun and laser will empower you more than players in most superhero robot games. All this surely makes this simulator the best super hero game.

-Intelligent Super Robots.
-Interesting sound effects of superhero simulator
-Robots with sci-fi guns
-Fully equipped with realistic fighting animations
-Fantastic combat physics


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Robot Simulator 2017 - Robots fighting Game 1.0 IOS -Robot Simulator 2017 - Robots fighting Game 1.0 IOS -Robot Simulator 2017 - Robots fighting Game 1.0 IOS -Robot Simulator 2017 - Robots fighting Game 1.0 IOS -Robot Simulator 2017 - Robots fighting Game 1.0 IOS -

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