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Rio Parking

Rio Parking

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Join Rio Parking Adventure to explore all the roads of a tiny city in 3D.

We’ve designed a 3D truck parking game with a detailed tiny city environment. The game offers you different roads and different weathers at each parking mission. Frenzy drivers can control their truck in a rainy day or on a ridgeway. There is no stereotype parking mission that you are tired of but at each level, you feel yourself in an outstanding city environment. The city is just like the Rio city. Find your way there and park your small truck on the indicated parking regions.

This 3D Parking simulation game offers you control options to control by tilting or by steering. Use the buttons on the screen to accelerate, to brake, or to reverse. Don’t crash the pavements and cars on your way. If you crash three times, the game restarts. You can buy ‘quick repair’ if you like.

There are three camera views. You can view from a top-down perspective or zoom to view from a point just behind the truck. Go to the garage to update your small truck with new abilities. Rio Parking is q nice choice to develop your driving and parking skills.


– Over 30 parking missions
– 3 camera views
– Changeable controls: Tilt or Steer
– Acceleration, brake and reverse buttons
– Different environments like parking place, mountain trail, highway, bridge
– Rainy and sunny weathers, daytime and nighttime
– In-app purchase to control weather, to buy hearts or repair
– A garage to upgrade your truck
– 3D Park Simulation in 3D Unity format


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Rio Parking 1.0 IOS -Rio Parking 1.0 IOS -Rio Parking 1.0 IOS -Rio Parking 1.0 IOS -Rio Parking 1.0 IOS -

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