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Rememories for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad uses your existing iPhone/iPad photos for a fun unique memory match game with some twists!

Discover great memories from photos on your phone and see new ones as you take more photos. When you win rounds, view full screen photos you’ve discovered and share them with friends and family! Use in-app photo filters to change the look of your photos.

Collect badges as you hit new high score goals. Get time bonuses by beating the clock and use your memory to delay matches to go on streak combos for triple point bonuses! You can do it!

View beautiful large photos on your iPhone or iPad, or go small, and play on your Apple Watch when you have some free time – scores seemlessly carry over from your phone to your watch and vice versa! The Apple Watch wirelessly uses the same photos that are on your iPhone!

Also, great for kids using iPads with family and pet photos loaded for a more personal match game!


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Rememories 1.4.1 IOS -Rememories 1.4.1 IOS -Rememories 1.4.1 IOS -Rememories 1.4.1 IOS -Rememories 1.4.1 IOS -

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