Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017 1.0 IOS

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Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017

Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017

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Amazing forklift simulator 2017, with complete manual handling adventure game of the fork. Picking up pallets from different parts of the warehouse and racing to drop them in required location. In some levels you might be asked to do multiple pickups and drop-offs in limited time from the car parking lot in this challenge forklift simulator, which is by far the best and real forklift game out off all forklift games on the store. Forklift driver is always on the edge of his seat racing against time, getting the jobs done with lightning fast speed and looking for new adventure-s.

This vehicle is equipped with different gears, so it become easy for you to handle your jobs in required time. Sometime you have to speed up to get to the destination asap, so put it in the fast driving gears, while in other places, where you have to do a careful pick up of some fragile stuff, then you can use the low gear to get your job properly done in one of the best forklift games of the store.

Additional camera angles are provided to check the nature of the job, and proper handling in this forklift simulator. You might be picking up or dropping pallets from the racks in the warehouse as a forklift driver, here you require these special camera angles, to get your job properly done in the required time in the best free forklift simulator.

Forklift driver can become a truck driver quite easy, as in most trucking companies they need the trucker to have hands on experience. If you want to be a delivery man to the big grocery stores in your truck, then it is must to be a good forklift driver at the same time in this forklift simulator.
• Amazing 3D model, with complete manual forklift driver handling.
• Over 49 challenging levels, each level has a new challenge in this game.
• Smooth, easy and well defined controls.
• Splendid camera views to make your job easy, and great sound effects.
• Real physics and handling in this 3d game.
• Real 3d warehouse environment, perfect for fork lifting games.
• Simply best out of all forklift games, give it a try.


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Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017 1.0 IOS -Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017 1.0 IOS -Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017 1.0 IOS -Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017 1.0 IOS -Real Forklift Driving Challenge 2017 1.0 IOS -

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