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Police Boat Rescue Duty

Police Boat Rescue Duty

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Start your rescue training by playing this helicopter rescue game and fight for the survival of your people.
Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue is an amazing emergency rescue game and you will be an important part of beach rescue team.
Ready for your rescue duty!

There is a large number of visitors on the beach and many emergency casualties and accidents are happening there. People needs a coast guard to make sure their safety. They are waiting for their rescue hero. Be a part of beach rescue lifeguard team, rescue patients and start your beach duty. There is a need of ambulance service and you have to perform the duties of ambulance driver. Remove dust from your bathing suit, rescue swimmers, boaters and other people by playing this killer rescue game.

There are three types of rescue operations, so ready for the duties of rescue ambulance driver, rescue boat driver and rescue helicopter driver. This is rescue time, get ready to drive a fast water boat and complete your rescue mission. There is a significant increase in accidents and people are waiting for ambulance rescue, show your strength by providing them an immediate ambulance duty. City ambulance service is unable to meet rescue requirements, so ready for boat rescue for the safety of your people.

Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue is an emergency rescue 3d game packed with helicopter rescue mission and you are playing as helicopter rescue hero. Drop your patients from coast to coast with complete safety and call doctor for their treatments. Beach is covered with ambulance rush, you will play this beach lifeguard rescue game as 911 ambulance rescue driver and prove yourself as lifeguard rescue hero. Call ambulance service to deal with casualties and make your boat a lifeboat for these injured people. You are well known of every corner of this beach, so tag yourself as a beach finder, do justice with every person and make sure this sea for all. Now don’t hesitate and join these rescue heroes in action.

So what are you waiting for? Download this helicopter rescue game and free yourself from playing irrelevant chopper games. Join beach rescue team, provide ambulance service and be a helicopter rescue hero.

Features of Coast Lifeguard Beach Rescue:

Play as Rescue Ambulance Driver, Rescue Boat Driver & Rescue Helicopter Driver.
Challenging & Addictive Helicopter Rescue Missions.
Realistic & Beautiful Beach Environment.
Real People for Rescue Operations.

Looking for lifeguard rescue aid games, life boat games and 911 emergency rescue games?
It’s a rescue time, start your beach rescue duty, show your survival swimming skill and save people from beach accidents.
By playing this game you will join rescue team and start your ambulance duty.

Lifeguard Beach Rescue Duty: Boat Rescue Team is a lifeguard rescue duty game offered by 4 Wheel Games packed with rescue mission for all those individuals who are looking for boat rescue games. Join coastguard squad, start your rescue training, learn to drive and save people on the beach.


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Police Boat Rescue Duty 1.0 IOS -
Police Boat Rescue Duty 1.0 IOS -
Police Boat Rescue Duty 1.0 IOS -

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