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Pizza Slices

Pizza Slices

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Pizza Slices is a fast paced game that makes you addicted!
Cut the pizza, pay attention to the difference of each one, click on the corresponding outer ring, and place the pizza slice. Stitching a complete pizza can be eliminated once.
Pay attention to the level tips above to get a higher elimination score.

Exercise your graphic awareness, the smaller the pizza pieces, the more you can judge your position and direction. Keeping up with the rhythm, you can play very easily. The higher your score, the better you will be in the leaderboard. Invite your family and friends to brain training together.

Game fun
– Easy and fun gameplay
– Unlimited pizza stitching and elimination fun
– dynamic soundtrack and graphic picture
– Accurate and not to be missed games

Don’t forget to share your wonderful moments with your friends, invite you to the rankings, and tens of thousands of players will not be seen with you.
Well-designed levels (continuously updated), each level gives you the ultimate elimination experience. It’s fun, it’s fun!
Casual play, touch your fingertips, become a master of puzzles, no shortage of children and middle-aged and older; more than half of female friends are a super popular game.

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Official website: http://play.ssnteam.com


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Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -Pizza Slices 1.3.6 IOS -

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Phiên bản: 1.3.6
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Ngày cập nhật: 2018-09-20 03:33:03

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