Pinkl – Pink filter camera 2.0.0 IOS

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Pinkl – Pink filter camera

Pinkl - Pink filter camera

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Of the pink!
By the pink!
For the pink!

Are you a pink maniac who loves pink?
If the answer is yes, Pinkl is the camera app for you.

[Review by professional photographer]
” I needed a filter that would be a new creative technique. Pinkl allowed me to work in a new way by instantly experiencing the world through a new lens! Suddenly, green trees were pink and skies were still blue similar to how an infrared filter effects cameras! -Dustin Cytacki-”

[Filter list]
Cotton.C – Sweet cotton candy feeling in pale pink
Cherry.B – I’ll let you walk the flower path. Pinkl’s representative filter
Plum.V – Violet pink atmosphere with a sense of deep velvet
Misty.R – Misty Rose filter with vintage feel

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Pinkl - Pink filter camera 2.0.0 IOS -Pinkl - Pink filter camera 2.0.0 IOS -Pinkl - Pink filter camera 2.0.0 IOS -Pinkl - Pink filter camera 2.0.0 IOS -Pinkl - Pink filter camera 2.0.0 IOS -

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