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Pinkfong Car Town

Pinkfong Car Town

Giới thiệu Pinkfong Car Town


SING, DRIVE and PLAY with your favorite cars!

Welcome to the “PINKFONG Car Town” where you can meet all the cars you love!
From the brave Police Car and the mighty Fire Truck, to the friendly School Bus and the tough Bulldozer!
Sing along, play games and also learn their names and what they do!


1. Exciting Car Songs
– 7 Animated car songs including ‘Wheels on the Bus’.
2. Driving Time
– Drive your favorite car.
Turn, honk, accelerate, and pick up your friends.
3. Interactive Car Games
– Exciting car games with Fire Trucks, Police cars and more.
4. Color Your Car
– Color your own cars with unique sprays and patterns.
5. Learn Car Names
– Wash the dirty cars and find out who they are.

Visit PINKFONG Car Town today and have a marvelous day!


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