Photomontage with your imaginary boy or girl – Premium 1.1 IOS

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Photomontage with your imaginary boy or girl – Premium

Photomontage with your imaginary boy or  girl   - Premium

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Version without ads. Valentine is approaching and you still didn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Or are you tired and feel annoyed being asked frequently about your private life of love? We give you the solution to joke or fool your family or friends or kill the thirsty of curiosity of your neighborhood with “picture with your imaginary boy or girl” to make them believe that you are the king of flirting or you’ve already found your Prince Charming Mr. Right or your princess Miss Right as your cup of tea. You can also use it in April 1 the April Fools’ Day to tease your friends.

It’s easy to use. Take a photo or choose one picture of yourself from the gallery. Choose a guy or a girl that you like from the men and women of different races from the whole world that we´ve prepared you. Then just make some montages to make your combination with the guy or the girl look natural, which will make others believe that you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend and you are a professional flirt!

Take a selfie and put yourself in a photo with a handsome boy or a beautiful girl as your imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend. It is not an app of your photo with celebrities, famous film or singing stars or idols; it’s about making a montage of photos of anonymous guys. In this way, you will definitely fool the whole world!

You can put stickers or stickers with love and romantic motifs to give your love montage an effect as if you were really dating the imaginary man or woman in the picture. You will burst into laughs when you see the incredible result which will create an effect like you´ve actually found the perfect guy. It is the best photomontage with boys and girls, men and women to believe you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone with whom you are ready to marry.


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