Panda Sports Games BabyBus 9.21.1002 IOS

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Panda Sports Games BabyBus

Panda Sports Games BabyBus

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Welcome to the panda sporting events! We have four games designed for our panda Kiki. Come help Kiki win the final gold cup!

Shoot hoops and be the best pitcher!
Run on the track and run like the wind!
Dive gracefully twisting and turning into the water!
Hop on the trampoline, it will send you into space!

Fun features:
– Four sporting events are taking place in vividly colored locations.
– Join the events with 3-D visual experience.
– Tap, slide, and drag. With three easy movements you can be a winner!

Design concepts:
We focus on inspirational learning;
We focus on skill-building;
We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience;
Take the baby bus for an unique learning experience!

About BabyBus:

BabyBus is the first trusted brand in early childhood educational software. The mobile applications are designed and developed specifically for children.

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Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]

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Panda Sports Games BabyBus 9.21.1002 IOS -
Panda Sports Games BabyBus 9.21.1002 IOS -
Panda Sports Games BabyBus 9.21.1002 IOS -
Panda Sports Games BabyBus 9.21.1002 IOS -
Panda Sports Games BabyBus 9.21.1002 IOS -

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