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Offroad Dino Delivery Truck

Offroad Dino Delivery Truck

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Offroad Trailer Dinosaur Delivery is one of a unique game of its kind. We warmly welcome you the mix-up of Jurassic park and Dinosaur Safari Zoo land. Scientists are making genetic clones of existing monster’s dinosaurs in the secret genetic discovery area. The only issue they are facing is to transport their Dinosaurs to the park where thousands of people are waiting to see real dinosaurs.
You will be provided a Trailer Truck to transport Dinosaurs from one area to another area crossing through a long area of offroad. You will have the other option, that is to fly dinosaur’s cages with your chopper. Yeah, Chopper and Trailers both are available and waiting for a driver to drive or fly them. Being Offroad Dinosaur Delivery provider, your duty is to safely move the truck ( Filled with dinosaurs ) from one location to another with dirty and difficult offroad. Once you are in the required place Park your fully loaded trailer in the parking zone where the delivery trailer is needed.
Every duty comes with safety, this job is very difficult because you are transporting dinosaurs, not some cars or bikes. If you did make a wrong turn dinosaurs are going to eat you after the camera for sure we are not going to share that scenes but it will happen. This game is safe to play for your kids too because nothing is inappropriate here for example not any kind of Violence, Blood, Killing etc only beautiful nature Jurassic park and safari land. Just a game where you or your kids have to drive or fly dinosaurs instead of vehicles.
The truck is very swift and hard to handle because of its horsepower and weighs laying on it. Carefully drive the truck from the screen joystick and transport animals creatures. We know that it is a hard job but watching the nature around you in the zoo is going to delight your heart.
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Gameplay Features:
* Trailer ( Truck ) with high horsepower.
* Helicopter with heavy lifting capabilities.
* Beautiful Nature in Jurassic zoo and park.
* HD Graphics and astonishing sound effects.
* Play with your kids.


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Offroad Dino Delivery Truck 3.0 IOS -Offroad Dino Delivery Truck 3.0 IOS -Offroad Dino Delivery Truck 3.0 IOS -Offroad Dino Delivery Truck 3.0 IOS -Offroad Dino Delivery Truck 3.0 IOS -

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