My ABC Alphabet Phonics Learn to English by Kid 1.0 IOS

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My ABC Alphabet Phonics Learn to English by Kid

My ABC Alphabet Phonics Learn to English by Kid

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ABC Alphabet Learning Uppercase And Lowercase Letters Preschool Kids Game is adapted for all children so that they can learn alphabets and trace letters of ABC alphabet while having fun. It is full of bright colors and amusing virtual toys for education game for education of preschool or kindergarten age.

– All Alphabets coloring book includes letters A to Z and is fully-featured.
– Activities that teach your kid how to trace and draw alphabet’s letters.
– Trace and draw letters by use finger to drag instead mouse.
– Smart interface helps kids focus on letters and phonics without accidentally exiting the game.
– Each letter will repeat its sound when touched.
– Complete Alphabets such as A-Z, a-z and number 1234567890
– Preschooler will quickly learn and exercise with fun.
– Kid friendly and free from in-app purchases.


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