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Memory princesses Memo game

Memory princesses Memo game

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Download Memory Game: princesses and help in the improvement of your child’s memory skills as they have fun playing with this game. A educational game to entertain chlids of all ages, from babies to nursery or preschool children, or even older who attend elementary school and grown-ups.

Playing with this memory game is very easy: cards are laid out face down; you have to turn one card over, memorize the picture and look for the same picture turning a second card over. If the two cards match, they’ll remain flipped over and you’ll be able to keep searching other pairs. If the cards don’t match, they are turned back over and you’ll have another turn. You have to be very fast because there’s a time switch! This app has six difficulty levels available: 2×2, 3×2, 4×3, 4×4, 4×5 and 6×5.

We’ve designed this app as an educational tool, because this game is perfect to develop a child’s concentration and motor skills. The memory is always developing, so to stimulate children with these educational games is very interesting so that in a future, they can benefit from a clever memory. You’ll help your child by improving their memory skills with these lovely pictures of princesses that we’ve especially designed for this app.


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Memory princesses Memo game 1.0 IOS -Memory princesses Memo game 1.0 IOS -Memory princesses Memo game 1.0 IOS -Memory princesses Memo game 1.0 IOS -

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