Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game 1.6 IOS

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Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game

Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game

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Two can have fun at the same time! Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game is one of those fun educational games where two players challenge each other.

+ Split screen interface makes this brain game a 2-player reactor
– Basic math workout means this is mathematics for kids 7 years and above
x Math speed training improves math skills, reflexes and concentration
÷ Educational game for teens that is at the same time a fun game for free

Test your math skills in a race against your friends! The screen is split in two thus very convenient for the duel games. This is a concentration game that stirs your brain in a positive way. This free game for kids and adults includes basic mathematical operations – addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

This and similar math games for iPhone, iPad and iPod are what makes math fun. All you have to worry about is to give the correct answer for the equation faster than your opponent and your score will go up! Don’t even think about lucky guessing – you lose 1 point for every wrong answer. Kids, play 10 games in a row and you are ready for the test in your schools, and parents gather together and revise your math now!

The best two player games hardly can be seen nowadays, and this one is right in front of you! You need a game for two girls or for two boys, or a mixed combination – either way this is a perfect solution!


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Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game 1.6 IOS -
Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game 1.6 IOS -
Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game 1.6 IOS -
Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game 1.6 IOS -
Math Fight: 2 Player Math Game 1.6 IOS -

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