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Matching cute animals

Matching cute animals

Giới thiệu Matching cute animals


A friendly and useful application in terms of cognitive development and orientation for kids.
A wonderful experience and various benefits for your kids to discover.
WHO: Designed for Toddlers & Kids (ages 1-6)
WHAT: Cognitive and memory development as well as knowledge broadening about animal world.
WHY: Early childhood knowledge is always the most important one.
HOW: Find identical cards and discover interesting facts.
The main game mode is to turn the cards over and match pairs of identical cards. The kids’ excitement comes from finding the pairs on random cards arrangement. Name of the animal will be automatically spoken each time the card is turned over.
There are 4 game modes ranging in different levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. In each difficulty level, there are 3 main parts: Identical pictures matching, pictures and texts which are already turned over, pictures and texts that you need to turn over.
•Attractive, adorable and eye-catching graphic design
•Carefully choosen, lively and cute images
•Simple, fully instructed way of playing
•Gentle and attractive sound
•Special functions in promote kids’ basic skills.
•Logically-designed game modes which bring kids a well rounded education
•Inspiring voices and sounds which help kids pronounce animals’ name correctly.


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Matching cute animals 1.5 IOS -Matching cute animals 1.5 IOS -Matching cute animals 1.5 IOS -Matching cute animals 1.5 IOS -Matching cute animals 1.5 IOS -

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