Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS

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Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle

Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle

Giới thiệu Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle


*Ranked 1st Grossing Card and Casino game in: Cambodia (Sep 2018) Brunei (Nov 2017)
*Ranked 1st Free Card and Casino game in: São Tomé and Príncipe (Oct 2018) Macau (Sep 2018) Brunei (Apr & Aug 2018) Singapore (Sep & Oct 2017)

Lucky 13 is an enhanced version of the well known 13 Cards / Chinese Poker loved by all. This intuitive poker puzzle game features fast-paced matches with exciting new features. Each match is an intense battle of wits as players strategise their best approach to WIN BIG or turn the tables around with the available features.

Lucky 13 Highlights
– Instant Win
Win with Lucky13 special card combinations! Instantly bankrupt your opponents with x3,480 Multipliers
– Chips Multiplier
Multiply Chips earned and WIN BIG!
– Double Down
Raise your bet for free with Double Down and earn DOUBLE! Do you dare to take the risk?
– Raise
Innovative 1 VS 1 PK game mechanism! Go all out and challenge them!
– Change Card
Change your fate and outsmart your opponents by swapping cards with them.
– Bomb Card
Move this multiplier to any hands and KABOOM! It’s raining Chips!
– Mission
Complete the challenge and get up to x6 Chips for one hand!
– FREE Chips Multipliers
Share win hand onto Facebook, get friend’s help etc. There’s always ways to get more FREE Chips Multiplier!
– Login Reward!
Get up to 12 rewards in every 4 hours!
– Social Poker Experience
Challenge your friends and surpass their poker rank to get rewarded!
– Exclusive Game Modes & Promotion Events
The King of Lucky 13 Tournament, Joker Card, Celebration Packs etc. With your love and support, more is yet to come!

Be Part of Lucky13 !
Join our official Facebook group at:

– Share your feedback ;
-Take part in exclusive events and get abundant rewards ;
– Get the latest news and updates ;
– Hang out with other Lucksters in Lucky13!


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Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle IOS -

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